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Hair Studio 89

Hair Studio 89

The Client's History

Hairstudio89 is a team of passionate hair professionals who have come together to create a unique and unforgettable hair experience for our clients.

Our journey began during the COVID pandemic when our co-founders, Araceli and Daniel, decided to take their passion for hair and create a studio where they could provide exceptional service and build genuine relationships with their clients.

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Nature of the Problem

  • New business and lack of tools and initial systems to run the business.
  • Lack of IT Support for co-founders
  • No email system in place to communicate with their clients.
  • No Online visibility

In summary

Hair Studio 89 need it an outsourcing company to carry on with IT Strategy and IT Maintenance ongoing.


Implementation of POS system and booking system in place for customers

Develop their website https://hairstudio89.co.uk

from scratch built in purely HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Increased visibility by put in practice Local SEO Strategies.

Proposed Ticketing systems and monitoring any behaviors in their resources, and install server regarding their needs.

Client Details

Client Name:

Hair Studio 89





Kobu Smart has been very effective regarding communication by email or either over the phone, solving any request very quickly

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Hair Studio 89

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